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Lindsey is absolutely amazing. She not only became someone my pup respected but I did as well. She has so much excitement, love and knowledge for training dogs, I have recommended her to everyone that compliments me on how well mannered my dog is all the time. She was always available for any questions and concerns I had during my “homework” exercises. From the very first moment I met her to our last training session, it was very clear that she wanted the best for me and my pup, Remi. Every session she was full of enthusiasm and knowledge. We were not only taught commands, we were taught how to teach those commands and why teaching her way was important so it would be effective for years to come.

Michelle Luck

During the pandemic, our two dogs who had lived in harmony for 2 years began fighting each other, and couldn’t even be in the same room together. I wish I had called Lindsey sooner! Our dogs came back with new boundaries and tools that help them be successful – And they can be in the same room again! If you follow the boundaries and homework Lindsey gives you, your dogs will just continue to do better after you bring them home.

Kait McConomy

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

We could not be happier with Freedom K9! Absolute professionals and amazing people! I highly recommend Freedom K9. We had our 2 dogs go through the 3 week off leash training. What an amazing transformation!

Jeff Monfils

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

When we adopted Ali we agreed she would be trained and Lindsey was the one that helped us through the whole process. Ali was with her for 3 weeks and came back to us completely different. We now take her everywhere we go, she is not reactive to other dogs as she used to be and we are confident that the work Lindsey did was detrimental to this change. We’ll be always thankful to her!!

Rafael Franco

We loved working with Lindsey both in our puppy training and then with our adult training with Jasper. He literally responded immediately to her during her consultation (let’s face it, it was love at first sight for him!) and that relationship never wavered. Lindsey’s approach is both pet and owner focused and she does a nice job balancing the needs of the animal with any questions/concerns of the owner. Would highly recommend her to help anyone create a strong relationship with their dog and a great canine citizen for the community.

Park Williams

I rescued a 6 month old and immediately was aware of his anxiety issues. I thought if I just love on him enough, he would become confident in me and be okay, but that was not the case. He needed structure and training in order to feel comfortable in his environment. Enter Lindsey :). From the very first meeting, she recognized what was going on and gave me simple instructions on how to start working with him how he needed. I then put him in her immersion course, and I’ve never been so grateful. She truly worked wonders with him and me!

Ashley McCloy

Lindsey is a wonderful trainer! I have a very large bullmastiff and for some reason one day out of the blue, he decided to refuse to get in my SUV. We never used a ramp and I used to just hoist him up in there, but I couldn’t even get him near the vehicle. Lindsey was patient with my dog and with us. She encouraged small steps and thought through creative ways to get my dog comfortable and confident with car rides. She will give you homework–do the homework. It pays off!! I tried to train on my own, but really needed the help of a professional. I am so grateful to Lindsey!

Jennifer Ersek

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Sending my puppy to Lindsey and her Puppystart program was the best gift for my puppy, and for me too! On our own we were on a path to destruction. Everything was “no” “stop” “don’t”. Neither me nor my puppy were very happy. After two weeks with Lindsey I brought home a brand new puppy and we’re both so much happier. She’s 6 months old now and still working on her commands, as expected, but she understands sit, down, heel, and wait really well. She’s living up to her name, Joy Joy! I highly recommend Freedom K9. Lindsey is delightful and the training is worth every penny, and is a great investment for the peace of having a well trained dog for years to come.

Connie Janzen

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Lindsey did an awesome job with our puppy Sadie. We were having a hard time trying to train her with young kids in the house. Lindsey made sure we knew what we could expect after the two week training was done. We still can’t believe how much progress she made while there. Sadie has a lot more self control and is much calmer all around. Lindsey taught her all the basic commands and she has done a good job retaining what she learned. We are very happy with the results and are excited for Sadie to go back for off leash training when she’s older!

Charity Morrison

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness

We had the very best experience with Lindsey! Our 6 year old pup, Rocky, had lots of issues with reactivity and any interactions with strangers or other animals. We did the 3 week off leash training with Lindsey and she taught him new, reliable skills as well as helped us to identify some of his anxieties and fears. He came home a happy, well-trained pup who is doing very well with all of his commands. We are much more confident dog owners and he is a more confident pup! Lindsey has helped us tremendously; we are able to trust him again and have so many new tools in setting him up for success as we prepare to welcome our first baby! We recommend Freedom K9 to everyone!!

Taylor Lavender

Lindsey worked with my 6 month old mini golden doodle, Piper, and did an amazing job. We focused on commands such as sit, down, place and heel. We were also able to teach Piper to stop jumping! Coming out of our 8 week off leash training program, Piper was a more behaved member of the family! Lindsey’s passion for training dogs is clear, and she was a pleasure to work with!

Annie Goessling

When we adopted Ali we agreed she would be trained and Lindsey was the one that helped us through the whole process. Ali was with her for 3 weeks and came back to us completely different. We now take her everywhere we go, she is not reactive to other dogs as she used to be and we are confident that the work Lindsey did was detrimental to this change. We’ll be always thankful to her!!

Talita Mancilha

We needed an intensive training program for our Golden Retriever puppy. He will become our son’s epilepsy support dog. We searched extensively for trainers that could handle this undertaking. It takes a competent, committed and well trained professional to successfully do this. As we conducted our search Lindsey’s name was recommended over and over again. We conducted several interviews with training facilities and it was beyond evident that Lindsey was clearly at the top of her field. Our pup started a 2 month puppy basics course with her and then at 6 months old he went through a 3 week immersion training program. He stayed with her and came home on the weekends. She sent us updates and videos everyday of the work she had been doing with him. We had a lot of contact with her during this time and she never disappointed us. In fact, she always surpassed our expectations. She is confident in her abilities, an excellent communicator and a genuinely caring person. We were able to determine immediately that she absolutely loves what she does and treats your pet like one of her own.

Jason Nolan
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